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DC12V 5kg Ultra-Thin Sucker Solenoid

  • DSN-3307X-1

Product name: electromagnetic chuck

Product model: DSN3307x-1

Product voltage: DC12V power: 2.2w

Product specifications: ф 33 mm height 7 mm diameter

Product features: the suction cup type electromagnet can produce strong adsorption force under the state of electrification. It can stop or move the adsorbed object when installed in the automatic equipment.Widely used in automatic distribution production line, sorting machine, manipulator, experimental equipment, medical treatment, grinding, cutting, cutting and other automatic processing production line material or product transport, transfer, control simple, save energy and electricity, safe and reliable, and can be carried out remote operation.This type of electromagnet has simple structure, low cost and convenient installation.

Service life: more than 500,000 times under rated working conditions
DC12V 5kg Ultra-Thin Sucker Solenoid
DC12V 5kg Ultra-Thin Sucker Solenoid




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