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How to enhance the push and pull force of solenoid?

Views:4     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-10      Origin:Site

How to enhance the push and pull force of solenoid?

Solenoid is a high precision component of automation equipment. It is an electronic component composed of built-in coil, hardware shell, iron core and other components. When the power supply electrifies the coil, the electric energy is converted into magnetic energy, and the magnetic circuit is guided to the core shape by the magnetic conduction shell.

It forms a closed magnetic circuit, which drives the core to work and generates push-pull force.

With the continuous innovation of science and technology, new products are emerging, from big bricks to mini-phones in people's hands, from computer rooms of huge objects to laptops. From big to small, to exquisite, this is the era.

Progress is also a trend. As the product becomes smaller, the requirement for the volume of the electromagnet decreases accordingly, which promotes the innovation of the electromagnet and releases a larger force in a limited volume. So how can we improve the push and pull force of the electromagnet?

Technology focuses on magnet research and development, production of 10 years of experience to share with you.

1. According to the characteristics of solenoids, the magnetic circuit needs to be closed to prevent the loss of the magnetic circuit in the magnetic circuit. The magnetic conduction shell is made into a closed structure, which makes use of the limited magnetic circuit and enhances the pulling force of the electromagnet in the same volume.

2. How to increase the push-pull force when the volume and appearance are unchanged? Build the spring in, change the structure of the axle, and build the spring in. When the electromagnet is not electrified, a push or pull force will be generated. When the electromagnet is electrified, the core will be pushed and pulled along the direction of the spring extension to increase the force of the product.

3. With the same volume and shape, the built-in copper tube and the electroplating of molybdenum disulfide on the copper tube, and the addition of self-lubricating bearings at both ends of the electromagnet, can increase the life of the electromagnet, reduce the friction between the core and the shaft and the outside, thereby enhancing the strength of the product.


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