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Principle of Rotating solenoid

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-10      Origin:Site

Rotating solenoid is simply a high-precision actuator which generates a magnetic field by electrifying the electromagnetic coil to rotate the mandrel in the middle of the electromagnet. The general structure can be divided into four types: magnet angular rotating electromagnet, steel ball angular rotating electromagnet, sector angular rotating electromagnet and inclined angular rotating electromagnet. We introduce the principle and performance of four kinds of rotating electromagnets separately.

1. Rotary solenoid with magnetic steel rotation angle: The structure consists of special coils, permanent magnets, rotating shafts, wires, bearings, electronic components and so on. Magnetically rigid angle electromagnet has complex structure and the highest processing precision. Its advantage is that the rotation angle can be made into 90 and 180 degrees and automatically reset. Its rotation speed is fast. It is mainly used for high precision machinery and medical equipment. Its disadvantage is that the rotation force is small and the cost is high.

2. Steel ball rotating solenoid: The structure consists of electromagnetic coil, steel ball, rotating shaft, bearing, wire, electronic components and so on. The steel ball rotation angle has compact structure and can be selected from 25 -90. It can be replaced by coil spring. It has large rotating force and is widely used. It is mainly used in sorting equipment, automation equipment, medical equipment and testing equipment.

3. Sector angular rotating electromagnet: The structure consists of electromagnetic coil, rotating shaft, bearing, wire, electronic components and so on. With the technology and application imported from Germany, the ingenious structure avoids the friction between the machines and greatly improves the performance and life of the electromagnet. Uses: sorting equipment, automation equipment, automobile, packaging machine, medical equipment



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