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Small Single Anti - Water Micro Switch

  • MAC-1216-061

1. Product features:

A. Waterproof and dustproof (IP67) design;

B. small in size and compact in structure;

C. Long life and high reliability;

D. Equipped with various forms of operation handles;

E. Comlete types of wiring terminals;

F. Widely used in automobile control, home appliance control, industrial control field;

G. Various installation dimensions meet different installation requirements;

2. Product application:

Automobile/air conditioning/communication/toys/household appliances/electromechanical control, etc.;

3. Product characteristic parameters:

A. Rated working current and voltage: 0.1a 125/250vac;3 a, 12 VDC.0.1 A48VDC;Mu 1 e5

B. Rated working frequency: electrical appliances 0.1a-120 times/min, 3a-10-30 times/min;Machinery 120 times/min;

C. contact resistance (early) : 100 m Ω Max (with no lines, including wire resistance).

D. Anti-vibration: 10-55hz, move0.75mm(p-p);

E. insulation resistance: 500 VDC / 100 m Ω Min.

F. Electrical strength: 500VAC (50-60hz);

G. preserve temperature: - 40 ° C to + 85 ° C;

H. Preservation humidity: 85%RH Max;

I. electrical life: Min.100,000 cycles /cycles(depending on specific model)

J. Mechanical life: Min.1,000,000 times /cycles;
Small Single Anti - Water Micro Switch
Small Single Anti - Water Micro Switch
Small Single Anti - Water Micro Switch



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